Possum Removal Balmain

Efficient Experts For Effective Possum Removal Services In Balmain

Are you in need of a possum trapper? Certified and licensed experts of Pest Control Balmain is your best choice for possum removal service. We gained a strong reputation for our world in possum pest control services by developing our skills every day. In addition to this, the fact that our experts are well-trained and talented in whatever they do stands as a strong pillar for our reputation. Slowly expanding over years, we provided our services to various Balmain locations.

We assure to meet your needs even in case of emergency and same-day services. Also, we have a separate Possum Removal Balmain team for offering our clients pre-purchase inspection and control. Therefore, get a timely manner, eco-friendly and use the latest tool service on calling us at 02 4058 2709.

Why Is There A Need To Hire Possum Removal Experts? 

  • Best Methods 

Blocking away from the signs of possum infestation or neglecting the possum’s presence cannot get you out from possum issues. So, experts help with setting up a protective screen for possum pest control because they know about many weak spots of possums.

  • Insurance

Insurance for a possum removal service helps you to avoid accidents during a possum pest control service. In addition to this, the possum catcher and possum trappers carry workers insurance too. This way you can avoid facing all the losses on your own.

  • Prevent Return

Even after clearing out the possum colonies from your place, the chances of them getting back to your place is high. Therefore, if you want to get rid of possum problems once and for all, hire skilled possum catchers. They will help you get rid of possum entry points such as roof edge gaps, open chimneys, etc.

  • Safety 

The experts not only help your property from further damages but also ensure the safety of your loved ones. Because possums do both things like- invade your place and also threaten your safety. However, help from an expert will guide you in the right way and tackle the possum issues easily. Moreover, their services include damage repair at a very low cost.

We Do Both Emergency And Same-Day Possum Removal Services In Balmain

Though we have different teams for emergency and same-day Possum Removal Balmain services, you get equal benefits; on availing of any of the possum pest control services. For both the services, we follow a 4-stage possum removal treatment.

It consists of steps such as possum inspection, removal plan, removal process and ongoing prevention. Then what is different between both the possum removal services? Slight a bit of change on the basis of possum numbers. However, on taking care of your needs quickly, we will come to your location within 24 hours of booking proof. Moreover, no extra possum removal cost!

Our Highly Rated Possum Removal Procedure

  • Property Inspection

With local Possum Removal Balmain experts on our side, we do not take any roundabout directions to reach your place. Because we know each and every corner of Balmain along with its suburbs and have zero direction issues.

So, once the possum catcher visits your place to do an onsite inspection for your area, they carry all tools along with them. During the inspection, we look around your place in detail to find all the spots where possums could possibly live. Eventually, we will also identify the extent of possum infestation and its causative damage to your home. For this, we depend on many other factors.

  • Live And Dead Possum Removal

The two common types of possums we find during any inspection across Balmain are ringtail possums and brushtail possums. So, if we get the same findings as such in your home as well, our possum trapper will tailor a treatment plan; after noting the details. Because the methods for ringtail possum removal service differs from brushtail possums.

Moreover, it also depends on the condition of the possum such as alive possum removal and dead possum removal. For both the possum pest control methods, we are capable of providing a wide range of services. During the process, we will also tell you about the removal timeline.

  • Post-Inspection And Preventive Measures

As per the post-inspection and preventive measures, our Possum Removal Balmain experts check if the possums are removed safely. During this post-inspection, we also check that the possums are removed without us causing them any trauma.

After the release of possum into a wildlife area, we continue with other things such as suggesting some ongoing prevention. Those tips may be such as installing a plastic barrier on your trees, placing spikes in fences, sealing every hole, securing the pet food etc. Note- during everything from starting till the end, if you have any doubts you can clear them out with us.

You Can Call Us For Both Residential And Commercial Possum Removal In Balmain 

It goes without saying that possums just choose to stay wherever they feel comfortable, be it residential or commercial property. Hence, that is our main reason to focus on both premises for possum removal service. In fact, we know to what extent possums can wreak havoc in places such as manufacturing industries and shopping malls; with their areas being large spaces.

However, this doesn’t mean that they do not take charge in kids healthcare centres, schools and private homes. In addition to scaring humans with their presence, they also spread many diseases. So, call us to take our possum catcher help.


Do possums live together? If yes, how many of them live together?

Though possums usually prefer living on their own, they can adjust themselves to living together as a group if needed. In fact, a possum can at once carry about 6 to 7 possums on its back.

What places can I check in my Balmain home to find possums?

The places where you can find possums are:

Ceiling voids
Near furniture
Around cable wires

What kind of solutions do you use for the possum removal service and how much do you take as a possum removal cost?

The solutions we use for a possum removal service are eco-friendly and biodegradable pesticides. Then coming to our service charges, we charge reasonable possum removal costs.