Moth Control Balmain

Get constructive moth control treatments in Balmain 

Moths seem to be harmless. But they definitely come under the category of pests. Firstly, moths can cause damage to any property. Secondly, they are a cause for disturbance in households. Hence, a moth infestation should not be avoided. And it should be treated as a priority.

Our pest control team moth control Balmain is the best choice for you. We have dedicated moth pest professionals. Our team is capable of delivering top-notch moth control services. Moreover, Pest Control Balmain is a licensed moth pest control company. And, we try our best to be available at any time for our clients. Ring our customer care number 02 3813 8559 today.

The common signs of cloth moth and pantry moth infestation  

There are different types of moth pests. The common ones are cloth moths and pantry moths. Here are the signs you might want to look for a moth infestation –

  • Moths can damage the fibres of carpets. Importantly, when moths are in the caterpillar stage. They tend to cause more allergies and infections.
  • Cloth moths chew all types of cloth and fibres. Hence, they leave behind holes and patches.
  • They are also capable of chewing leather. Thus, look for signs of damaged leather.
  • Moths are easy to spot. They are attracted to damp and dark areas. Therefore, if you spot a moth frequently – this is a sign of moth infestation.
  • Look out for your pantry foods. Moths lay their eggs in the pantry goods. Hence, contaminating the eatables at your place.

If you are noticing the above signs frequently, it’s time to call a pest professional. Our team of moth control Balmain can do the job for you. Also, our moth exterminator costs pocket-friendly prices.

The most effective three-step moth control treatment we follow 

Looking for pest control carpet moths? Our company has the right aid for controlling moths. However, moth control is not an easy job. It is all about getting rid of moths completely as well as their eggs. Hence, we follow a step by step approach to deal with them –

  1. Inspection of the moth infested areas – Firstly, we search for the most infested areas. That is where the moths lay their eggs. Hence, finding the moth nest is a crucial step. We give beneficiary moth control in house services.
  2. Treatment – Secondly, the next step is treating these eggs. Our team will eradicate all the possible larvae and eggs. Also, the possible cobwebs around the property. The type of method is chosen depending on many factors. For example – a type of moth species, the quantity of moths, household type and severity of the infestation. We use methods like – fumigation, moth monitoring procedures, vacuuming and liquid sprays. Our treatment services are for all different types of moths. Here is a list of our services –
  • Pantry moths extermination
  • Cabbage moth control 
  • Moth caterpillar control 
  • Winter moth control 
  • Carpet moth extermination 
  1. Prevention measures – Here are some tips one can follow to prevent such moth infestation – Firstly, keep all the fabrics and upholstery in a clean condition. These include curtains, clothes, furnishings, towels and linens. Secondly, clean the cupboards and wardrobes regularly. Lookout for eggs and larvae in the corners. Keep all the stored suitcases and furniture in a clean condition. Get rid of garbage regularly. Importantly, get a moth pest inspection done once a year.

Therefore, these steps will definitely keep moth pests in check. Call our customer care for more advice and service-related issues.

Why is Pest Control Balmain the right solution to moth infestations in Balmain 

  • Firstly, we are an insured and certified moth control company. We are working in Balmain for a long period of time. Hence, our services are trusted here in Balmain.
  • Secondly, our moth pest control team includes trained professionals. We are qualified local moth control experts.
  • We take our client’s requests seriously. Hence, we are always available on short notice appointments. Or in any case of emergencies.
  • Moreover, all our moth pest services are reasonable. We believe in making the moth pest control costs available to everyone in Balmain. Moreover, you can save a lot on all the services.
  • We even offer follow-up treatments upon requests. One extra checkup can save from another moth infestation.


What are the different moth species found in Balmain?

Brown house moths, cabbage moths, pantry moths, Mediterranean flour moths, luna moths, white moths, cloth moths are some common moths found in Balmain.

What pantry foods do moths feed on?

Pantry moths hunt for – cereals, grains, flour, coffee, nuts, legumes, cocoa and fruits.

How can a moth infestation be harmful to humans?

Firstly, moths contaminate foods. They leave their feces and eggs. Secondly, they bring in mites and other fungi. This can be a problem for pets. Also, due to cloth infestation – allergic reactions are possible.